What a crazy, busy summer. I have been neglecting the blog again…sorry But I have been cooking Ottolenghi! I make the Farro and Roasted Pepper Salad (and variations thereof, usually mixing up the veggies with whatever is in the fridge) CONSTANTLY! And I’ve been taking the Watermelon and Feta Salad to BBQs and potlucks. Plus, … Continue reading Lentilicious

The Cover Shot

After such success with finding and enjoying the pomegranate last week, I had to go back to the store and grab another one before they disappear! And, of course, that meant I had to FINALLY make the cover recipe: Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce (pg. 110). This recipe was pretty easy, provided you have easy access … Continue reading The Cover Shot

I <3 POM

I was walking in the produce department of the grocery store and what did I find, but pomegranates! Good looking ones, too! Which, let me tell you, is a rarity in Alaska. So, I obviously snagged the best looking one and decided to make the Barley and Pomegranate Salad (pg. 238). The recipe said 2, … Continue reading I ❤ POM

Home, Stew Home

Wow! I know, I know…I’ve been neglectful. But I have been cooking “Plenty” recipes…just not new ones. My best cooking partner (and purchaser of the book itself) is finally here in Alaska with me and I’ve been making him a “best of” the past year of Ottolenghi that he has missed. But tonight we made … Continue reading Home, Stew Home

Simple Saturday

Tonight I chose a simple, lite, clean, and refreshing dish: Eggplant Tricolore (and more) (pg. 114). Tomorrow is Easter (and I’ll be cooking some “Plenty” dishes! A few repeats…), so I wanted something lite and simple tonight. Lately, my local grocery store has had beautiful looking eggplants, so I decided on this dish. While it … Continue reading Simple Saturday

Pulsing Pulses

Tonight I made my first lentil dish from “Plenty,” which is surprising because I love lentils! It’s been a bit slow going with my cooking lately – I’ve been getting busier in the evenings. I’ve been slowing down a little because someone special will be moving to Juneau soon and I can’t wait to share … Continue reading Pulsing Pulses